Quality Certified

Certificate of Registration

Glenn Jobling Consulting Pty Ltd
ABN: 38 007 331 160

Adelaide Control Engineering Pty Ltd - ABN: 86 097 947 058 Flow Force Technologies Pty Ltd - ABN: 51 163 429 650 Engineering Hydrogen Pty Ltd - ABN: 17 635 185 296

10 Peekarra Street, REGENCY PARK, SA, 5010, Australia

operates a

Quality Management System

which complies with the requirements of:

ISO 9001:2015

The registration covers the design, installation and testing of electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering services to industry.

Registration No: AU664-QC
  Original Certification: 30 November 1999
Current Certification Approval: 7 September 2021
  Expiry Date: 12 September 2024
Certificate Issued: 7 September 2021


Sean Bates
Accreditation Manager
TQCS International (Group) Pty Ltd

For the TQCSI Certification Approval Panel

This certificate verifies the original certificate issued and is valid as long as it is displayed as an electronic copy at www.tqcsi.com and surveillance audits are satisfactorily completed. TQCS International Pty Ltd (ABN 59 065 953 924) of Quality House, 117A Tapleys Hill Road, Hendon, SA, 5014, Australia issues certification subject to the TQCSI Rules of Certification.